I honestly have not meant to be gone for so long. So much has happened in the last several months and I have literally been enjoying being Matthew’s mommy. I came across some issues when I needed to switch my site over to a new server since SoLovely.org became SugarKiss.org. It all had to do with the database stuff and it’s all fixed now!

I started college back in February and I started a new term this past Tuesday. So with being a mom and full-time student, it has been a bit crazy. Also, my laptop decided to be mean and broke a hinge (that holds the screen in place), so I’ve started using my new laptop. Having to install the programs on the new one that I’ve had on the old one has been pretty time consuming as well.

That layout I promised…I will be posting it up sooner than you think!

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Yes, I have been MIA. No, I am not dead (obviously). However, so many things have happened since the last time I updated,…all of which will be mentioned with due time.

First things first, Matthew and I are alive, healthy and well.

I’ve been unemployed for some time now,…(long story short: unfortunately not all properties value their employees the same). I did have an interview with a local bank so *fingers crossed*!

Matthew is going on 8 months now,…where does time fly?

Although I am unemployed, I haven’t had much me time. Matthew is at that stage where he needs me, a lot. He’s learning new things, such as eating solids (with no teeth yet -_-) but he’s being a big boy now.

I have been working on a layout (have been for some time now) and I’m just working on the colors to get them right.

I will hopefully come back full force as just a diary/blog type of deal. I’ll possibly throw in some graphics every now and then but,…it’s 1:30am and I am pooped. :(

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It’s my day (night, actually) off. Baby Matthew is sleeping and while I should be sleeping too, I can’t seem to fall back asleep after he woke up to feed. It’s ok. I love motherhood and wouldn’t change it for anything. I feel so,…blessed. There are so many things I wanted in my life and now that I have Matthew, none of the other stuff really matters. Would it be nice to have? Sure. Our own home (currently living with my mother as she’s really one of the few people I trust to watch Matthew for me while I work), a new car, a new job,…(yes,…not going into details about that). But every time I see Matthew’s cute little face with chubby cheeks and crooked smile with light in his eyes,…nothing else matters. It honestly, really doesn’t.

Tomorrow, I need to see about getting his pictures taken for Christmas. With my job schedule, it’s so hard to do it during the day just because that’s typically when I’m home watching him and trying to get naps in. If it comes down to it, I might just have to take his pictures myself. To be honest, that’s not a bad idea. I have a Canon film and digital camera (I prefer film :P) which I can use to take his pictures, but the whole Christmas setting? Hmm,…not at my moms this year. We might put up a tree but nothing like how my sister is all decked out for Christmas. I might just break into her house to take his pictures, ha.

Matthew is talking (baby gibberish, haha). He’s just 3 months and I swear, sometimes I think he’s arguing with me (just like his dad, :P). He had his first set of vaccines last month and next month, he’s getting his 4 month shots,… :( Last time, I wanted to punch the nurse in the face for making him cry. Yeah, I know. Babies cry when they get their vaccines because it hurts but the nurse could have been a little more gentle if you ask me. >:|

I do miss Phoenix though,…being a family,…I think that’s what is keeping me depressed. Matthew and I being here while his dad is over there,…but we gotta do what we gotta do and hopefully, this long distance thing will pay off and the wait will be worth it.

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